A complete range of services, guiding you from design to installation of your frames and panels.


With AeroCeiling, we offer you more than just an aluminium frame. We aim to push customisation to the limits with a wide range of services and finishes. What’s tailor-made for you is now standard for us!

Our design office will point you in the right direction.

Because we want to meet your needs and fulfil your technical specifications as completely as possible, we start at the most basic, crucial step of the process: a full analysis of your project. Our design office determines how feasible your project is, and then drafts an action plan in order to turn it into reality. If necessary, they can offer alternative solutions to guarantee the best possible finish. The design office works primarily on large-scale or custom frame projects.

Our services are available to ensure you a comprehensive solution

With the skill and expertise available to us, we can even offer curved frames and panels. This opens up a whole new world of rounded shapes, from waves to clouds, offering you an almost infinite choice for your frames! These too can be finished with the covering of your choice. Depending on how you intend to use your product, we will recommend the best canvas for the job. When designing our frames, we use aluminium bars which can be lacquered to achieve a particular finish.

We can provide all of these services, helping you design the perfect frame for your space.

Are you interested?

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CLIPSO Productions SAS
5 Rue de l’Église
68800 Vieux-Thann


T. +33 (0)3 89 37 10 84
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