AeroCeiling: Infinite possibilities for all kinds of panel

With AeroCeiling, CLIPSO is committed to bringing you a completely innovative concept: the design and manufacture of standard and custom cloud frames. With our specialist aluminium structures, you can get the best in both technique and design. Interior design and decoration specialists can work alongside our design office to evaluate all the ways you can deck out your interiors.

What sort of technical characteristics do AeroCeiling frames have to offer?

Suspended frames, acoustic baffles, dividing walls, panels, wall frames and painting panels are all designed and manufactured using aluminium sections in our workshop here in France. We use specially designed CLIPSO accessories in the assembly procedure. Thanks to these manufacturing techniques, you are guaranteed a light, robust and durable structure and near-weightless frames.

With AeroCeiling, you can integrate acoustic and/or luminous features into your frame, no matter what form it takes. Why not take advantage of our printing tools to apply a colour or visual of your choice? With our resources, you’ll have the opportunity to create a perfectly sized finish, from small to XXL.

What sizes do the various aluminium frames come in?

Frames come in all sizes, from very small to very large. For example, we use small and medium frames to create painting panels, light-boxes and acoustic frames and panels. They are considered decorative objects or office fittings.

Obviously, large and XL frames are bigger, and require a higher level of technical skill to produce. Combined with acoustic absorbent and an acoustic covering, they allow us to create suspended acoustic structures. Whether attached to the ceiling, wall, or as an independent unit, these are a fully-fledged part of your interior environment.

Lastly, we can offer XXL size frames. These are some of our star products, with generous sizes that can be customised to suit your needs. In general, these are used for large-scale projects which require specifically designed solutions.

Are you interested?

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