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AeroSilent & Light

Combine acoustics and light with AeroSilent & Light!

The AeroSilent & Light range makes it possible to combine the characteristics of an acoustic frame and a light panel in the same suspended shape.


Illuminate spaces using AeroLight!

The AeroLight range enables you to create an ambience suited to your environment, using backlit frames and light panels.


Improve the acoustic comfort provided by spaces with AeroSilent!

The AeroSilent range, whether in the form of an acoustic frame, an acoustic panel, or an acoustic baffle, will help you absorb noise pollution.


Adopt customised fittings with AeroCustom!

AeroCustom frames enable you to personalise your interior at will by selecting the shapes and visuals of your choice.


A range of suspended shapes made from aluminium so you can fit out and decorate your spaces.

AeroCeiling panels are designed to be adapted to the specific features of each interior. Acoustics, aesthetics, lighting; these have all been carefully thought through to offer you the best possible performance.


AeroCeiling, a suspended panel and frame designer

Before it became a manufacturer of aluminium structures, Clipso was a manufacturer of stretched coverings. Whether for walls or ceilings, its know-how comes in all forms. Faced with an increased demand for personalisable frames and for suspended panels, the company decided to develop a specific range: Aeroceiling.

With this new brand, you will be able to choose from a wide range of frames and shapes that effectively combine all the advantages of Clipso stretched canvas along with additional aesthetic and technical advantages. AeroSilent frames contribute to reducing noise pollution. AeroLight panels enable you to create a customised light. AeroSilent & Light products constitute a combination of these two techniques, providing major benefit for the user. Lastly, AeroCustom gives you carte blanche to fully personalise your aluminium frame.

Whether for a public or private space, don’t wait any longer - ask for the best frame for you!



The lighting for your space is controlled using AeroLight lightboxes. You can make backlit frames, lightboxes and light panels.

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AeroSilent & Light

Light and acoustics are combined to provide you with a pleasant environment or to upgrade your environment, using translucent acoustic panels or suspended shapes.

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Achieving acoustic comfort has never been so easy, using acoustic housings, acoustic panels, and acoustic baffles.

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A-Z personalisation is possible using personalisable suspended shapes! You choose the shape, the colour, and the dimensions, and we make them.

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